How you can help

COVID-19 Donation & Volunteer Needs

Our emergency food needs have increased dramatically.

Support our efforts to feed 400+ homeless and housing insecure with donations:

● Breakfast foods like bagels, muffins, fruit, yogurt or individual containers of milk

● Lunch foods like sandwich fixings, cheese sticks, dessert items, and individual juice or milk Help feed our 100+ emergency shelter guests.

● Prepare and deliver dinner meals for up to 110 individuals

● Donations of $250 allow us to purchase a meal from local purveyors to serve our guests Help keep our pantries stocked.

● Donations of nonperishable and fresh foods help our 600+ low-income tenants continue feeding their families.

Volunteer to prepare bagged meals:

Join our kitchen teams (no direct contact with the public) to turn donations into individual meals and care packages for homeless individuals and families sheltering in place at our residential facilities. We need to keep our frontline community responders operating at full capacity. We are in continuous need of personal protective equipment, including face masks, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies. If you can help with any of the above needs, contact

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NEW Tax Advantages for Donors

The $2 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package signed into law recently,  includes a new tax break that applies to charitable donations circa the 2020 tax year. The initiative gives taxpayers an above-the-line deduction for up to $300 in donations to charitable institutions. For example, if you choose the standard deduction and give $300 to HRH, you will get a $300 tax break in addition to the standard deduction.

For more information, see text below for an in-depth description of how the tax benefit affects standard deductions, itemized deductions and corporate giving.

Standard Deduction

For people who take the standard deduction, the CARES ACT allows you to take a tax deduction for contributions made to qualified charitable entities up to $300 per year starting in 2020 – this deduction is “above-the-line.” The 2020 Standard deduction is $12,400 for individuals and $24,800 for married couples filing jointly. Therefore, any donation to qualifying charities of up to $300 will be added to the standard rate of deduction. This deduction applies for 2020 and beyond.

Itemized Deduction

For people who file for itemized deductions, the CARES ACT allows you to take a tax deduction of up to 100% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for contributions to qualifying charities starting in 2020. The new law temporarily lifts the limits on charitable giving from 60% of a taxpayer’s AGI to 100% for 2020.

Corporate Donations

For corporate donors, the CARES ACT allows an entity to take a tax deduction of up to 25% of their Adjusted Tax Income for contributions to qualifying charities starting in 2020. The new law temporarily lifts the limits from 10% of adjusted taxable income to 25% for 2020.

Our Wish List

Our shelter and transitional housing programs are in frequent need of the following supplies.
Please contact us for information on how to make a donation.

New non-expired items only please. Items not on the below list will not be accepted at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Toilet paper & tissues

Clorox wipes

Paper towels

Dish detergent

Laundry detergent & bleach

Mops & brooms

New pillow cases

New Twin size mattress covers

New Twin size blankets

Foil & plastic wrap

Ketchup & mustard

Salad dressing


Salt & pepper

Sugar & syrup

Non-perishable food

Coffee & large filters

Breakfast cereal (variety packs)

Sample & Regular soap bars

Sample & Regular size shampoo & conditioner

Shaving cream & razors

Lip balm

Spray deodorant

Toothbrushes & toothpaste

Feminine hygiene products

Acne care products

New wash clothes & towels

New shower curtain liners & rings

Baby formula, diapers & wipes

New socks & underwear (all sizes)

New backpacks & school supplies

LOOP or City of Poughkeepsie bus passes

Grocery store & gas station gift cards

Spring planting items (seeds, mulch, etc.)

More Ways You Can Help

Donate to One of Our Funds

We accept donations in any amount, at any time. All contributions are valued and help us sustain our services and important work. Consider supporting some of our most urgent needs by making a donation to the following funds:

Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund


The Wind Chill Fund for Homeless Services

The Poughkeepsie Open Kitchen Entrepreneurs Fund

Become an Annual Sponsor

We invite you to become a part of the difference Hudson River Housing is making in our community each day by becoming an Annual Sponsor. Annual Sponsorships offer prominent, year-long recognition and benefits. Becoming an Annual Sponsor will place you at the forefront of Hudson River Housing’s community of supporters.

Become a Sponsor

Hold a Fundraiser

Holding a fundraiser for Hudson River Housing is a great way to support our vital community programs. We work with many groups who organize events of all sizes, from volleyball tournaments, to antique car shows, to family holiday gatherings – and everything in between! We can help you identify a goal, provide brochures other information, and send a representative from Hudson River Housing to attend. Contact us with your ideas.

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Go Green, Save Green and Support Hudson River Housing

We’re proud to partner with Viridian Energy, a socially responsible retail energy company that supplies competitively priced green energy in our area. When you sign up as a Viridian customer, you can save money over time on the supply portion of your energy bill and do your part to help the environment by choosing greener energy. And, its one of the easiest ways to support our organization without even thinking about it. Every month you pay your energy bill as a Viridian customer, we receive income based on your energy usage. It’s that simple, and it takes only minutes to sign up, with no long term commitment.

Learn More and Sign Up

In-Kind Donations

We welcome donations from individuals. Also, schools and churches often hold drives to collect these items. If you are interested in having our staff speak with you about how to do this, please contact us.
Donations of gift cards to local grocery stores, Kmart, Target, and other similar stores are also an excellent donation. Cards are distributed by staff to in need of basic items, mothers who need diapers, parents who need holiday gifts for their children, and other similar uses.
We also welcome other donations – please contact us to find out if we are in need of a particular item you would like to donate!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers run supply drives, assist with meal preparation in our kitchens, help at special events, and perform many other tasks throughout the year. We have different activities to accommodate individuals, groups, and people of all ages and abilities. Thanks to a partnership with Marist College, Hudson River Housing volunteers may be eligible for special tuition discounts. View PDF with more information.

We use to post our current volunteer activities. Please visit Volunteer Match to get started volunteering with Hudson River Housing today!

All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application before being scheduled for a shift.

Download and print an application:
Complete the Individual Volunteer Application online

Complete the Group (5+) Application online

Internship Opportunities

Interns work one-on-one with our staff, gaining an in-depth understanding of our clients, services, and community. Internships are available throughout the year. Interns must be enrolled in an accredited academic program and be receiving some form of academic credit for their experience.

Some internship positions are posted, but others may develop based on proposals from students.

If you are interested in an internship with Hudson River Housing please email our Human Resources Department at Please include:

  • Name and contact information
  • Academic Institution name and contact information for service learning or course credit
  • Resume
  • Description of your interests or current area of study
  • Beginning and end dates of the internship
  • Number of hours per week you are seeking to intern
  • Weekly availability (days and times) for the internship, if known

Employment Opportunities

For more information on current employment openings, please visit our careers page.

Current Openings