Services Spotlight: Partnership with Step One

The journey to and through homelessness is complex. The trauma of homelessness can lead some to addiction; for others, addiction itself can lead to a period of homelessness. Hudson River Housing believes that providing robust, accessible services that meet people where they are at in a compassionate, supportive environment is a critical step on the path to recovery – one that helps individuals and communities thrive.

To support this goal, we work with Step One to bring substance abuse counseling services directly on-site to many of our properties, including May’s House (home of Hillcrest House), Hudson River Lodging, Webster House Emergency Housing, and FallKill Commons on Rose. Step One staff maintain offices at these locations and offer individual, group and couples counseling, right where people live. Step One offers a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of substance abusing individuals and their significant others by a diverse, multi-level treatment team.  Over 60 households have taken advantage of Step One services at HRH sites to date.

For unhoused or low-income families that have faced the trauma of poverty, under/unemployment, difficulty accessing quality mental or physical healthcare, lack of accessible transportation, and many other barriers, these services are necessary responsibilities of our community in order to provide equitable opportunities for families to thrive where they live.

We are proud of our partnership with Step One, and thank them for joining us in a commitment to “housing with compassion.” Learn more about Hudson River Housing’s services. Learn more about Step One. 

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