Gentrification & Displacement: A Zero-Tolerance Approach

As Poughkeepsie and Dutchess County face the forces of gentrification, we must uphold the needs of local residents, people of color, and people with lower incomes, who will be negatively impacted by gentrification. To accomplish equitable economic development in our area, we need local government policies that ensure there are widely available affordable housing opportunities and that prioritize local business creation.

Rapdily rising housing costs throughout the Hudson Valley are creating increasing pressures for homeless and low income residents, who are finding it harder to find and retain affordable housing. As we move forward, displacement of existing residents cannot be tolerated or tacitly supported. This exposes a disregard for the people who have made the positive choice to live in the City of Poughkeepsie and communities across the Hudson Valley, as well as those who have called these communities home since birth, and wish to remain.

Hudson River Housing’s daily work is to advance the creation and preservation of affordable housing as part of healthy, mixed-income communities, and to provide services that support individuals to prosper in their communities. In doing our work, we center the voices of those who are homeless, who have experienced barriers to housing equity, and anyone who might not have access to a safe and secure place to call home because of income disparities. This is what drives our decisions, and it is underpinned by our values of compassion, transparency, empathy, and inclusivity. 

We recognize that affordable housing is but one part of a flourishing community, and it is the part we focus on. Any work that truly strengthens a community must take into account all members of that community, especially those who have systematically been denied access to power and decision-making opportunities. 

Ultimately, our vision is that housing is seen as a basic human right that is available to all, regardless of income, family makeup, physical or mental health, or any other defining factors. We believe that communities, including their residents and governing bodies, must value, prioritize, and create policy that advances quality, affordable, and well-designed housing and neighborhoods as an essential part of everyday life.

What can you do?

Stay connected on social media for timely calls to action and join the fight in advocating for housing justice.

Speak up by sharing your housing experiences.

Give time and learn more about homelessness in our community by volunteering with our meal prep program.

Share information on housing resources and services. Find out more about our services, COVID-19 specific resources, and the Poughkeepsie Affordable Housing Coalition.


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