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Hudson River Housing secures funding to undertake $22 million affordable housing investment “Fallkill Commons on Rose” in the City of Poughkeepsie

For immediate release: May 10, 2018

Poughkeepsie, NY - Hudson River Housing announced that it has been awarded $20.2 million in funding from the New York State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program and Supportive Housing Opportunity Program for its project Fallkill Commons on Rose, securing the final piece of all funds necessary for this crucial investment in affordable housing in the City of Poughkeepsie. Fallkill Commons on Rose is part of a comprehensive effort by Hudson River Housing, together with many partners, to address our affordable housing shortage, improve neighborhood stability, and increase quality of life for all City of Poughkeepsie residents. Fallkill Commons on Rose builds upon the tremendous momentum of projects like the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory to continue our work of strengthening communities. The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit award was the largest award across New York State in this round.

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“Fallkill Commons on Rose is a significant step forward for our affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization efforts. Projects like the rehabilitation of foreclosed homes on North White Street, the renovation of the Poughkeepsie Trolley Barn as a community arts space, and the economic development engine that is the Poughkeepsie Underwear Factory, are coordinated strategies all leading to the same outcome - helping both people and places achieve their full potential,” according to Executive Director Christa Hines.

“Fallkill Commons on Rose is the next step in Hudson River Housing’s work to increase affordable housing and support a thriving community in Middle Main Poughkeepsie. The project has been in the planning stages for nearly a decade, and in active predevelopment for the past year. Fallkill Commons on Rose addresses many key community priorities based on years of community engagement and neighborhood needs assessment,” according to Mary Linge, Director of Real Estate Development.

Community priorities include:

Addressing the needs of the homeless: Fallkill Commons of Rose addresses the challenge of extreme poverty and homelessness in our community. It will create permanent, affordable housing that is safe and dignified. Hudson River Housing has three decades of experience working with the homeless. Our professional, dedicated staff will ensure that everyone who needs care is provided with high quality services.

Addressing the needs of special populations: Fallkill Commons of Rose will provide critically needed affordable housing units that address a key challenge in our society today - a lack of housing for people who are struggling with mental illness. As facilities like the Hudson Valley Psychiatric Center have continued to close their doors, creating alternative housing options is crucial. This project combines high-quality, well-designed housing that allows people to live with dignity with intensive on-site services that improve well-being and provide people a strong foundation from which to achieve their full potential.

Remediation of vacant, underutilized property: Fallkill Commons on Rose is repurposing vacant, underutilized parcels so that they can be put to productive use for the betterment of the community. Hudson River Housing is undertaking a comprehensive, coordinated approach to rigorously evaluate properties and community needs and systematically turn vacancy to vibrancy. Fallkill Commons on Rose will encourage resident participation in implementation of the project through remediation of public green space and the inclusion of art and public amenities that reflect the culture and diversity of the neighborhood.

Improving quality of life: Fallkill Commons on Rose will literally change the face of a street facing many challenges, through quality, well-designed buildings, beautiful landscaping, an infusion of positive activity, and excellent management. Like previous projects on Garden Street and Little Market Street, Fallkill Commons on Rose will have a long-term, positive impact on quality of life. Shared community amenities such as new sidewalks, increased lighting, public green space, and access to the future Fallkill Creek Trail, will allow these benefits to flow to the entire surrounding neighborhood.

Spurring economic development in the city: Fallkill Commons on Rose is part of a broader strategy to increase housing opportunities, contribute to economic mobility, and foster a stronger Poughkeepsie. Fallkill Commons on Rose will bring $21 million in federal, state and county resources to the City, which will result in local hiring and purchasing during project construction, and create twelve permanent, full-time jobs when the project is completed. The project will contribute to the city's tax rolls, turning currently unproductive parcels into a long-term benefit for the City. It will bring people and positive activity downtown, spurring more investment and rehabilitation in the City.




Hudson River Housing receives over $200,000 from NeighborWorks America in flexible grants

For immediate release: April 25, 2018

[Poughkeepsie, NY] - Hudson River Housing, a member of the NeighborWorks network, is receiving $221,778 in flexible grants from the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation, dba NeighborWorks America - a much-needed boost that will support its affordable housing and community development activities.

"NeighborWorks America’s continued and generous support of Hudson River Housing has literally opened so many doors for us - and for our entire community- for many years,” stated Executive Director Christa Hines. “Their financial support is usually the first dollar invested in some of our most complex projects, inspiring others to join in. It truly takes a village to raise a village and we are immensely thankful to NeighborWorks America for being a partner in our neighborhood revitalization efforts!"

Of the total award, $125,000 is unrestricted operating funds that will be used to continue the agency’s work to strengthen and preserve communities. Some of these efforts include resident engagement and empowerment, leadership skill building, economic development and strengthening community partnerships.

Another $96,778 is capital funding that will go towards the construction of two new apartment buildings on Rose Street in Poughkeepsie’s Middle Main neighborhood. The project, Fallkill Commons on Rose, will include a total of 78 units of affordable housing, robust supportive services for tenants, and direct access for the public to the Fallkill Creek. Pending another funding announcement in May, the project will break ground this fall, with completion expected in 2020.

"Hudson River Housing has been focusing our efforts on generating positive activities in the Middle Main area of Poughkeepsie for several years. Fallkill Commons on Rose will address many community priorities by reclaiming vacant, blighted properties and returning them to productive use by creating critically needed units of affordable housing in an attractive environment,” stated Director of Real Estate Development Mary Linge.

NeighborWorks America announced $65 million overall in grants to its network of more than 240 nonprofit organizations located around the country. NeighborWorks organizations use the grants to develop and manage high-quality affordable housing, help consumers set and reach their goals through financial coaching, offer homeownership education and counseling, and revitalize and strengthen communities.

"NeighborWorks America is committed to ensuring our investments are working in ways that improve people’s lives,” said Jeffrey Bryson, NeighborWorks America interim president and chief executive officer.

In fiscal year 2017, the NeighborWorks network counseled 181,400 families and individuals on financial capacity, pre-purchase, post-purchase, or foreclosure issues; owned and managed 165,500 rental homes; and created more than 43,000 jobs.



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